ROAD 4.1

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 ROAD kick scooters can be perfectly described by saying it is sharp as a jalapeño pepper. No compromise, it is a scooter for those who love to drive fast, and they want to fastest in peloton. The front wheel is as large as a common road wheels 700C, rear is 20". The wheels are fitted with tires SCHWALBE Durano. Very efficient TEKTRO brakes are also very typical for road bicycles. Handlebars and stem carry CRUSSIS logo. CRUSSIS ROAD kick scooters are suitable as for children from 10 years old as for adults up to 6ft 7in.

The frame has a short wheelbase, high stiffness and low tread height. ROAD kick scooter is very fast and has excellent maneuverability. ROAD kick scooter is suitable for recreation and sports.

Technical data
Frame CRUSSIS screwed footboard
Head set Ahead 1 1/8
Handlebars CRUSSIS Alu MTB
Rims Front 700C, rear 20“, CRUSSIS double wall rim
Spokes black
Inner tuber SCHWALBE
Grips CRUSSIS, ergonomic
Brake levers TEKTRO with build-in bell
Brakes TEKTRO „V“ brake
Hubs CRUSSIS sealed bearings
Weight 9.5 kg
Load capacity 120 kg
Length 1780 mm
Footboard length 510
Width 620 mm
Tread height 50
Height 990 mm
Wheelbase 1220 mm
Valve type AV

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